Innovolvement Fashion Hack Revolution

As part of Fashion Revolution Week (24th – 28th April) at the University of Portsmouth, Innovolvement hosted FashionHack on Monday 24th April and Wednesday 26th April, which encouraged people to re-purpose old garments while incorporating an element of technology.


The End of E&I Ambassadors 2016

As I begin to write my final blog as an Enterprise and Innovation Ambassador I reflect over the last ten months with a big smile on my face knowing that I made the right decision undertaking an industry placement. I have grown in confidence and gained skills and knowledge in places where I wouldn’t have otherwise, so I can say first-hand how beneficial a placement is! In the final months we (the Ambassadors) have presented at the Graduate Show and the Enterprise and Innovation showcase and been selected in the final of the Land Rover BAR competition, which has all been very exciting.

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