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Mozart Requiem Study Day, Public lecture and Concert

A Mozart Requiem Study Day with public lecture and concert will be held on Saturday 4 December 2010, 6.00pm St....


Alumni work selected for Signature Art Awards

BA (Hons) Fine Art Alumni Mandy Webb had work selected for The Signature Art Awards by resulting in exhibiting...


MA Fine Art student recruited as member of AIR Activists

Kye Wilson, MA Fine Art student from the School of Art, Design and Media, has been recruited as a member...


Film and video editors one step ahead

Film-making students at the University of Portsmouth are being given a flying start when it comes to job-hunting, thanks to...


Portsmouth Film Society Events

Portsmouth Film Society (PFS) brings the best in cinema to the city and is chaired by Alumni MA Fine Art,...


India 2010, RIBA Barrington Smith Travel Award Lecture – 20th October 2010

A lecture by final year Diploma 2 students from the University of Portsmouth's School of Architecture; Vinesh Pomal, recipient of...


Trainees breathe new ideas into city landscape

Some of the city’s landmark buildings are being given a top-to-toe examination by architecture students to see if they can...


Introducing Design for Digital Media

Digital Media today is everywhere. And it means many different things to different people. This blog lets, you explore what...


Working on a Client Brief – The Marvels

Students on Design for Digital Media work in groups on a ‘real’ client brief. Often this means a small local...

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