CCI Green Group


Recycling and Waste Management‌

Confused about recycling on campus? Unsure what can be recycled and which bin to use?


Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade fortnight is happening from 29th February - 13th March 2016 and is designed to highlight the severe lack of food security for farmers around the world.


Water Fountains

Refresh and re-hydrate yourself via one of the water fountains dispensing chilled drinking water.


Courtyard Garden Makeover

A plan is in place to overhaul one of the mini gardens in the Eldon courtyard. The idea being to plant wildflower seeds to bring life and colour to a...


Green Impact Audit 2015-16

The Green impact audit takes place each year awarding points based on set criteria. The faculty of CCI achieved a Bronze award for the 2014-15 Green Impact Audit. We hope...

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