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Unrest Screening

16 November 2017 | 18:00 - 20:30


University of Portsmouth CCI’s Eldon Building is hosting a film screening for Unrest, a film that uncovers what it is really like to live with M.E.

M.E, (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is a chronic degenerative neuro-immune disease, that is characterised by long term fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, sleep disturbance, ongoing flu-like malaise, and many other symptoms that differ between individuals, and limit a persons ability to carry out ordinary daily activities.

ME Foggy Dog, an organisation that raises money for the M.E Association, has organised a screening of the award winning groundbreaking film, Unrest, A film that follows the lives of people who suffer from the severest form of M.E, including the films creator/director Jennifer Brea.

Unrest features people you won’t see in your day to day life, as they are often bedridden or housebound for years, if not decades. M.E is an invisible illness, and sufferers are invisible from society.

Whilst the film centres around M.E, it is not a typical medical documentary that bombards the viewer with scientific terminology and explanations, everything in the film is true to life and medically accurate, but there is also a story:

Jennifer Brea is about to marry the love of her life when she’s struck down by a fever that leaves her bedridden. When doctors tell her “it’s all in her head”, she turns her camera on herself and her community as she looks for answers and fights for a cure

The film currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics describe it as “remarkably intimate, deeply edifying and a stirring call to action” and “Fraught with honesty, Unrest gives us a raw and up-close look at how a chronic illness can impact a relationship”.

Unrest will be screened on Thursday the 16th of November in Eldon Building in room EW 1.11. Doors will open at 6pm, and Sally Callow, founder of ME Foggy Dog and an M.E sufferer, will introduce the film before it starts at 6.30pm, and will be available for a short time after the film to answer questions.

The Eldon Coffee Shop are extending their opening hours specifically for the event, however no food or drink will be allowed in the lecture theatre.

Tickets are just £3, which will contribute towards the cost of the screening, with all left over money going towards M.E research, you will also be able to donate, or buy ME Foggy Dog merchandise on the night.

To book your ticket and to find out more information go to the Unrest Eventbrite, and stay updated with Unrest on Facebook @UnrestFilm, Twitter @UnrestFilm, and Instagram @UnrestFilm.

You can also follow ME Foggy Dog at Facebook @FoggyDog, and Twitter @MEFoggyDog, you can also keep updated on their blog.

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