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British Animation Awards public choice comes to Portsmouth

16 February 2016 - 17 February 2016

Once again we are delighted to bring the British Animation Awards Public choice to Portsmouth.

MyDad001Everyone and anyone is welcome, tickets cost only £3.o0 and all students go FREE. You will be able to witness the best of British Animation talent within the last two years from extraordinary short films to advertising, to fascinating music videos and more. After the screenings, each guest will vote for their favourite animation of that evening.

The BBA’s will be spread across three evenings from 5pm until 6.15pm. Day one, Tuesday 16th February, will screen a total of 8 animations. Day two, Wednesday 17th February, will show 13 animations and day three, Friday 19th February, will conclude with a total of 13 animations all with different styles and purposes.

Each evening will take place in Eldon building screening room EW 1.10, spaces are limited so don’t forget to book your spot on Eventbrite now!

Below is the full programme list showing every animation to be screened across the three evenings.

Programme 1 – Tuesday 16th Feb

  • Man Up | Katie Lenton | 03:45 | UCA, Farnham
    You can’t wrestle your way out of a chemical depression. A film based on the poem “Ten Responses to the Phrase: Man Up.
  • Lost Property | Asa Lucander | 06:15 | 12 ft 6
    When you lose something dear to your heart, there is only one place it can be found. The Lost Property Office.
  • Monkey Love Experiments | Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson | 08:40
    Inspired by love, a misguided monkey believes he is destined for the moon.toonocalypse
    James: Moving On | Ainslie Henderson | 03:30
    Death as a birth in a world of string.
  • Hecta: The Concept | Chris Shepherd | 03:00 | Polkadot Productions
    What happens when you take too many slimming tablets? Find out in this tale of gluttony and stupidity inspired by Buddy Hackett’s classics stand up routine the Piet.
  • Mr Madila | Rory Waudby-Tolley | 08:36 | Royal College of Art
    A series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself, through the sacred art of animation. Oooooooh.
  • Heavyball: Smalltown Boy | Sameer Patel & Zane Whittingham | 03:00  | fettle Animation
    Animation/live action blend,  a new take to 80’s Bronski Beat classic “Smalltown Boy”.
  • The Bigger Picture | Daisy Jacobs | 07:00 | National Film & Television School
    Two sons; one elderly mother; no end in sight. The film uses giant  animated characters in life-size sets to tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an ageing parent.
  • Toonocalypse | Owen Rixon | 18:00 | The 2D Workshop
    Two students document the arrival of cute, cartoons aliens in Edinburgh, but after a year on Earth, the pair discover the true intention behind the aliens’ visitation.

Programme 2 – Wednesday 17th Feb

  • My Dad | Marcus Armitage | 05:50 | Royal College of Art
    A depiction of modern British culture: family relationships and the passing of opinions down generations.
  • Aftermath | Layla Atkinson | 04:30 | Trunk Animation
    A visualisation of Siegfried Sassoon’s famous poem.
  • Mr Plastimime | Daniel Greaves | 09:45
    An under appreciated mime artist’s routine blurs in to reality with a series of near misses that result in a fateful encounter.
  • Benjamin Scheuer: Cookie-tin Banjo | Peter Baynton  | 02:30 | Radish Pictures
    A father builds a cookie-tin banjo to give to his son, and with it the gift of music.RaysBig Idea
  • The Evening Her Mind Jumped Out Of Her Head | Shaun Clark & Kim Noce | 07:32 | Mew Lab
    One cold winter’s evening, a serious woman is forced to lighten up when her mind jumps out of her head.
  • Stems | Ainslie Henderson | 03:00
    Making puppet making make music.
  • Endgame | Phil Mulloy | 07:20 | Spectre Films
    After a hard week in the office Richard and George like to relax by playing war games.
  • 1150 Canyon Road | Art&Graft | 02:35
    A simple story about a plan gone wrong, an exercise in the subtlety of storytelling and creation of a cinematic atmosphere through minimal graphics.
  • Rattle that Lock | Alasdair + Jock | 04:30 | Trunk Animation
    The fall of Satan from the kingdom of Heaven and his subsequent journey through Pandemonium, Purgatory and Chaos on his way to corrupt the virgin Earth
  • Ray’s Big Idea | Steve Harding-Hill | 03:00 | Aardman Animations
    A plucky, pioneering prehistoric fish has a groundbreaking plan to improve his life.
  • La Petite Maison | Isaac Holland | 07:00 | Royal College of Art
    A young man can’t help but see his girlfriend as various objects – including a french tart. Perception, misunderstanding and indifference are explored in this fable about the foibles of romance.
  • One of a Kind | Rok Predin | 03:30 | Trunk Animation
    A dreamlike tale of reverse evolution and a grand comment on the space time continuum.
  • Delta Heavy: Ghost | Chris Bristow | 04:00 | Blink Productions
    Stuck and suicidal in a purgatory of mid-nineties internet software, Mr Clippy – the Microsoft Word paperclip – finds a glimmer of hope in a world many versions away. About absent love, revenge and the modern day relevance of this dead mascot.

Programme 3 – Friday 19th FebHecta_Concept

  • Dead Air | Robert Bradbrook | 17:00 | Bright Cold Day Films & Bradbrook Films
    DJ Pete’s arrival and his irreverent radio show causes a stir among the insular locals of a small island. Laura is the only one to welcome the newcomer with open arms. But as the island’s landscape shifts over time, so does Pete’s relationship with Laura and his new home.
  • Shhh | Alice Bouttell | 02:20
    An interpretation of a poem by Helen Jaeger.
  • Coupling | Cat Hayes | 02:30 | Staffordshire University
    When things go hand in hand, what use is just one?
  • Bluebarry | TwinTrash (Tommy Vad & Markus Flaaten | 05:20 | Kingston University
    Blue and Barry are hungry. Where are they going to get their next meal in a dog eat dog world.
  • Let’s Play Nomad X | Kristian Andrews | 03:15
    In a YouTube playthrough of his favourite video game, a man tells us about wormholes, the love of his life and being punched in the throat.
  • Pollock | Henry Dunbar | 03:00 | UCA, Farnham
    A film inspired by Jackson Pollock’s comment “Abstract Art is Abstract, it confronts you.”
  • Expirables | Jack Gooden | 2.30 | Staffordshire University
    During the production of his new action flick, Tarantino tries to direct the five aging stars as they fight over who gets to say the film’s trademark.
  • Benjamin Scheuer: Weather the Storm | Peter Baynton | 02:30 | Radish Pictures Ltd
    Dickie’s run out toothpaste, but Dot always used to do the toiletries shopping.
  • Once Upon a Blue Moon | Steve Boot | 03:30 | Mackinnoon & Saunders
    A robot on a mission to photograph rocks meets an alien who just wants someone to play with.Stromae3
  • Mr Director | Andy Martin | 06:50 | The Handymartian Studio
    The biggest ego in film directing tells us his story of a lifetime in the movie business.
  • Loco Dice: Sending This One Out | Rick Thiele & Mario Ucci | 03:15 | Red Knuckles
    In a distant, dark future where faceless figures are being led via a conveyor belt to an evil tower of doom, one man begins to fight the system back.
  • Mend and Make Do | Bexie Bush | 07:45 | National Film & Television School
    Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn’s cosy front room, hear her story of love during wartime and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.
  • Stromae: Carmen | Sylvain Chomet | 03:30 | Th1ng
    Set to the tune of Carmen’s “Habanera”, Stromae’s latest track and video parallel the opera by recognising the absurdity of human interaction, and applying this to excessive – and often obsessive – Twitter use.

We hope to see you there.


16 February 2016
17 February 2016
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