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All Cried Out by Vertical Exchange Performance Collective (VEX)

30 March 2017 - 1 April 2017

All Cried Out is an intimate, interactive immersive encounter created by Dr Joanna Bucknall from the School of Media and Performing Arts and her partner. It’s the autobiographical story of the performers, (Nigel & Joanna), 6-year struggle to become parents told from their different perspectives: his and hers. Over the course of our time together, you will be put inside our long struggle to become parents.
You will journey through our story with either him or her. That choice is yours.


I want to tell you a story,


We want to tell you a story,


We need you to experience our story.

We will lay our story bare for you, we will whisper in your ear, we will talk to you in a crowded room, we will let you rifle through our memories.

We do this because we need you; we need you to be ready, because we need your help.

You need to be prepared to meet us.

She will be calling you in or He will be calling you out. 

We need you to be ready

Some of this will be hard to hear,                                                          

Some of this will be hard to take,

Come because you might just help us change our fate………………….


All Cried Out by Vertical Exchange Performance Collective (VEX), will premier at the COLAB Factory, London, in March, (30th, 31st & 1st April).

Book your tickets here.

Watch the teaser trailer, or find All Cried Out on Facebook. To hear more about the performance, check out this piece on SoundCloud!


About VEX

Joanna & Nigel are co-artistic directors of Vertical Exchange Performance Collective (VEX) and were founded in 2005. We employ live art, duration, immersive and on-on-one strategies to provoke, challenge and engage audiences. VEX make work that aims to explore the contemporary experience and all the intricate moments that our lives present. Our aim is to produce performance work that involves its audiences at a fundamental level. By employing experimental and compelling performance devices we offer audiences a truly participative experience. Our works seek to explode the liminal space and engage audiences in liminoid acts. We make performance work that engages audience in the reflection of self and identity in innovative and interactive ways. We are interested in creating a new and original live art performance event that presents an immersive environment in which the audience can participate with agency and efficacy. We are a live art collective and are interested in the way in which performance can be employed to reframe the everyday and the mundane to generate new perspectives on our contemporary experience. We use the poetics of everyday action, tasks rules and games to create our performance work. Life is our found material and people are our resource.

Joanna is an associate artist at the New Theatre Royal, (NTR) in Portsmouth. Previously we have worked with venues such as The Barbican in Plymouth, Camden People’s Theatre, The Basement in Brighton, Performing Arts Centre Lincoln and Battersea Arts Centre. We have also been involved in various programmes with the Live Art Development Agency and Fierce.

Find VEX on Facebook, on Twitter: @playwithmeart, or follow them on Youtube!




30 March 2017
1 April 2017
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