Jonny Smart

Interested in theatre and technology? Fellowship application is now live for UoP staff and students

The Faculty of Creative Industries shares news of the new Fellowship project that’s partnered with the University of Portsmouth. The Fellowship is a work placement with a salary of £15,000 and it gives students, academics and post-graduates the opportunity to explore the future of theatre with Magic Leap technology.

Jonny Smart

New Audience of the Future Design Foundation projects

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares news of two new Audience of the Future Design Foundation projects here at the University of Portsmouth.  ‘XR Audience Centred Design – The Future Theatre’ and ‘Designing Disgust – Why do we feel the need to judge?’ will be projects based within CCI. XR Audience Centred Design – The Future Theatre  ‘XR


Harnessing urban wind power: innovative building-integrated technology

A collaboration between the Cluster for Sustainable Cities, Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth and the Southampton-based company MA Systems and Control Ltd is exploring the potential for innovative building-integrated urban wind power technology.


CCI and China Partners Conference

On Thursday 8th July, the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries welcomed partners from across China. The partners were visiting the University as part of the first ever China Partners Conference, organised by the University’s International Office.


Innovolvement Fashion Hack Revolution

As part of Fashion Revolution Week (24th – 28th April) at the University of Portsmouth, Innovolvement hosted FashionHack on Monday 24th April and Wednesday 26th April, which encouraged people to re-purpose old garments while incorporating an element of technology.


Tom Garner on The Conversation: 2017’s Technological Trends

Tom Garner, Research Fellow in the School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth, has had an article published on The Conversation discussing the technological possibilities of the coming year.

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