Jonny Smart

Jessica Burton wins Graduate Show Design Competition

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are excited to announce the winner of the Graduate Show Design Competition. Jessica Burton, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design student at the University of Portsmouth, has won the competition with her design concept – In the Pipeline.

Jonny Smart

Howard Wimshurst’s graduate film ‘Encounter’ is the winner of Best Short Film and Best Animation

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares graduate film ‘Encounter’, produced by University of Portsmouth alumnus Howard Wimshurst, has won Best Short film at the Fort William Mountain Festival Festival 2019 and Best Animation at the London International Short Film Festival SFF 2018.


Awards and Achievements Posters go up in Eldon

Two posters celebrating the success of students and staff from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, and one highlighting the growth of the faculty, have gone up on the employment wall in Eldon West.  The posters, situated on the first floor of Eldon West, were commissioned to celebrate the enormous achievements of the students and staff of the faculty in


Television and Film Production Alumni, Matthew Daunt, celebrates the beginning of a long aspirational career

In 2013, Matthew Daunt graduated in Television and Film Production, here, at the University of Portsmouth. Further, he left as the 2013 winner for Sound Recording Excellence Award sponsored by Senheiser UK & Audio Ltd category.

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