Architectural alumni win Young Architect of the Year Award

A group of three alumni from the School of Architecture has won the Young Architect of the Year Award. The prestigious award recognises the most promising architectural practice from across Europe, with the category being open to fully qualified architects who have been registered to practise for under 12 years.


Alumni of CCI: What are they doing now?

In the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, as well as in the rest of the University of Portsmouth, we like to check in with our past students and see what their lives have become since graduating. We ask them about their careers, does it link to their course of study in Portsmouth or is it completely different? Do they still have any of the relationships they formed at university? Do they have any plans for further education in the future? But most importantly, we just say hello, and hope they are doing well.


Employability workshops for CCI students

The workshops will be available as part of a new pilot scheme by Faculty Employability & Enterprise Coordinator Simon Brookes. The CCI Employability Promotion Campaign is an attempt to encourage all CCI students to start to think about, and plan for, the next steps in their careers after graduation. It will be split into individual campaign periods that each focus on an aspect

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