Calling CCI researchers – write for The Conversation!

The University of Portsmouth press team invite CCI researchers to a workshop about writing for The Conversation. The Conversation combines the rigour of academic analysis with the journalistic approach of professional editors to provide readers with a better understanding of current affairs, the complex issues the world faces and latest research in short, timely, informative articles for the general public. Globally


Graduate Filmmaker required by GymBuddy

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth share a new vacancy opportunity at GymBuddy, a tech start-up company, focused on connecting people through exercise, healthy living and positive mind.   They are a mobile app business, bringing fresh ideas to implement new technologies into the world of health and fitness through innovation.

Jonny Smart

Howard Wimshurst’s graduate film ‘Encounter’ is the winner of Best Short Film and Best Animation

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares graduate film ‘Encounter’, produced by University of Portsmouth alumnus Howard Wimshurst, has won Best Short film at the Fort William Mountain Festival Festival 2019 and Best Animation at the London International Short Film Festival SFF 2018.

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