Palaeoart exhibition coming to Eldon

Mark Witton is a paleoartist, he is University of Portsmouth Alumnus after receiving a PhD focusing on the paleobiology of pterosaurs, and is part of the University of Portsmouth faculty. He will be exhibiting his paleoart here in Eldon! Words from the Paleoartist – Mark Witton [colored_box variation=”mossgreen”] [one_half] I never really set out to be a paleoartist, and certainly


Illustrated Menagerie

The Illustrated Menagerie is a project run by Illustration lecturer Nicola Hay  involving students from level 4 BA (Hons) Illustration at the University of Portsmouth, using the animal kingdom as a subject for creative thought, students select and research an animal of their choice, focusing on an interesting aspect and then go on to illustrate the animal with a view


Alumna Sarah Kent’s illustration featured in Cosmopolitan

Alumna Sarah Kent graduated from BA(HONS) Illustration, University of Portsmouth in 2013. Since graduating, Sarah joined the fast and highly creative BDT Marketing: Graphic Design and illustration of Hampshire County Council as a graphic designer after a three month internship with the organisation. Already considering herself lucky, she also features on a double page spread in this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine for being one of six finalists in their front cover design competition.

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