The great Eastney clean up – 25th August 18

Local environmental group, ‘The Final Straw Solent‘ are taking action against plastic pollution that inevitably ends up in our oceans. The group try to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas and encourage local businesses to switch to paper straws or reusable fabric bags. An enormous beach clean is being organised to clean up Eastney, where our Institute


CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 Sustainability and the Environment

On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of February, The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries held the second session of the CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 focusing on the theme of Sustainability and the Environment.  On early Friday 5th seventeen colleagues from across the University of Portsmouth travelled to Marwell Hotel, Hampshire for an intensive 24 hours of innovative thinking. The CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16

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