Creative Interventions – Open Call for Artists

The Spring is offering a unique opportunity for artists from any discipline to receive £1000 to support the research and development of a bespoke creative project for the museum. Open to film makers, dancers, visual artists, theatre makers, writers, musicians or other artist, take part to help rethink the museum’s heritage offer and reimagine the interpretation of the community’s history.


Design Academy returns to CCI!

Over 30 students from different disciplines across CCI attended the Design Academy last week – an interactive four day training course run by the Design Council, a charity working to improve people’s lives through the use of design.


‘Diversity’ Game Design Jam

In its fourth year, the University of Portsmouth Game Design Jam continues to be a high point of the year for the Advanced Games Research Group. This year the Game Design Jam gave budding designers an opportunity to create a game pitch on the theme of ‘Diversity’ with entrants inspired by an article of their choice in the Huffington Post’s Diversity page.


The Elephant Cage: Presentations

Over 23th -25th November 2016, the Portsmouth Elephant Cage brought together seventeen competitively selected young Dutch and British experts in Architecture, Landscape and Engineering to work jointly on a design research collaboration with Masters students from the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture MUD Studio 5. In answer to a comprehensive briefing they prepared three designs, in three teams, over three days


Call to all CCI students – Design Competition – Graduate Show 2017 Posters

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) at the University of Portsmouth are looking for CCI students to take part in our annual design competition. Students studying any creative course will have an opportunity to demonstrate their design skills in this competition. The winner will visit a professional design studio as well as be rewarded with £250 to spend however they please.


Student opportunity – the Morpheus Championship

Will 2017 be the year of coders, designers or engineers? Which countries or campuses will dominate the rankings for the third year of the prize? One thing is certain; the enthusiasm felt today is greater than the 750 places available: it is recommended to register as soon as possible.

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