Alumni of CCI: What are they doing now?

In the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, as well as in the rest of the University of Portsmouth, we like to check in with our past students and see what their lives have become since graduating. We ask them about their careers, does it link to their course of study in Portsmouth or is it completely different? Do they still have any of the relationships they formed at university? Do they have any plans for further education in the future? But most importantly, we just say hello, and hope they are doing well.


Palaeoart exhibition coming to Eldon

Mark Witton is a paleoartist, he is University of Portsmouth Alumnus after receiving a PhD focusing on the paleobiology of pterosaurs, and is part of the University of Portsmouth faculty. He will be exhibiting his paleoart here in Eldon! Words from the Paleoartist – Mark Witton [colored_box variation=”mossgreen”] [one_half] I never really set out to be a paleoartist, and certainly

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