CCI Staff and Students write about Covid-19 effects in Portsmouth

Star & Crescent is an independent news website that believes in journalism to create social change and has recently been publishing articles about the lockdown and everything coronavirus-related affecting Portsmouth.


Dr Tom Sykes, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, has co-founded the Portsmouth-focused news, culture and commentary website which has featured the work of hundreds of University of Portsmouth staff and students since 2015. The Editor-in-Chief is Sarah Cheverton, a current PhD student from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.


Some of the articles include contributions from the CCI partner PONToon research project, which aims to help disadvantaged local women through tough times and discussing the local tech solutions to the COVID lockdown and after.


Dr Tom Sykes also published a two-part interview with Councillor Claire Udy, Leader of the Progressive Portsmouth People Group on Portsmouth City Council, on the impact of Coronavirus in Portsmouth.

Read the first part here about local authorities’ responses to COVID-19 and the need for a full inquiry into care home deaths.

The second part tackles workplace safety, police enforcement of the lockdown and the Labour Party’s response to the government’s management of the Coronavirus crisis, and can be read here.