Futures for Food Virtual Symposium

The University of Portsmouth would like to invite you to the thought-provoking ‘Futures for Food’ virtual symposium on Thursday 28th May, 2-5pm.


Join the UK’s most unique food research team to explore, debate and answer some of the biggest questions facing society’s use of food. Delivered live and online this symposium will unite industry, campaigners, government and international academics on a quest to develop a sustainable future for our food system. Register now on Eventbrite.


The event will dissect the “every day” subject of food that impacts every aspect of private and professional lives including producing, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption, cooking, disposal of food and consumer trends and behaviour.  We will explore the biggest questions on the planet facing food production and debate the future of food systems, nutrition, psychology, distribution, packaging, contract and retail.


What is behind Futures For Food Live and why the UoP has formed this unique research team

Every aspect of human life is affected by the ways in which people produce, distribute and consume food and drink. The cultures we have created around food need to be healthy and fair, and environmentally sustainable. We look to learn from past and present food cultures to help design new futures for food that will sustain people and the planet.

A research team with a unique strength that comes from its diversity

We explore food and drink from every angle and our researchers come from all areas of the University – science, social science, the humanities, business and law, technology and the creative industries. We are concerned with changes that affect individual food choices, local provision of food and global food systems.

We have links with the food and drink industry, policy makers, local government, and campaigners across the world, particularly in less developed countries. The work of the group aligns with nearly all of the UN Sustainability Goals.