Calling all CCI Students: Get your work featured on our Instagram!

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for all the students in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth.  Regardless of your course and year of studies, you can be featured on our social media platforms.


We want to encourage our students to maintain and boost their creativity in these difficult times, so we are offering you the chance to share your projects with us, and we will select the best entries to go on our Instagram feed. In this way, not only can your work be seen by fellow students and academic staff, but they can also be inspired by your creations!


This opportunity is open to all current students, so no matter your subject area or year of studies, you can send us your images for a chance to have it shown on our Instagram page! Any visually interesting content goes, so just follow the guidelines below:


  • Your submissions can either be digital imagery OR captures of physical creations
  • Aspect ratio has to be 1:1 (min. 1080*1080pixels) or 4:5 (min. 1080*1350pixels)
  • Any photo and video formats are accepted
  • Include a short description about your project
  • Step-by-step or breakdowns of your process are encouraged
  • Work in progress is accepted, too.


Once you checked all these, send your submissions to, making sure you include your Full Name, Course Name & Year and your social media links (e.g. Instagram or Twitter username).


We look forward to seeing and featuring your work!