Portsmouth Staff and Alumni awarded at Buenos Aires Biennale

The University of Portsmouth is proud to announce that an academic and an alumnus from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries were part of an installation which was displayed and awarded at the International Architecture Biennale of Buenos Aires.


Borboletta is an installation integrating microbiology, biodiversity and architecture – and explores ways in which urban systems can become self-sustaining in response to extreme climate. This was exhibited at Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires between 14th-20th October 2019. The project is a collaboration between Prof Alessandro Melis of the School of Architecture, Eric Goldemberg & Veronica Zalcberg of MONAD Studio, Francesco Lipari from OFLarchitecture and Dzhumhur Gyokchepanar alumni from BA (Hons) Architecture and MArch, and it was fabricated by Jorge Cereghetti (UADE Labs) and his students.


Borboletta is a sonic installation, simultaneously operating as a display system with living organisms. The installation consists of 4 integrated entities representing the essential ingredients of a future resilient ecosystem: a variable scaffolding structure which allows assimilation with the human body, sensorial milieu activated by the sonic integration (two guitars, designed by MONAD Studio and musician-luthier Scott F. Hall and 3D-printed at FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios) and the Arduino feedback audio systems; the self-sufficient habitat oriented to the proliferation of biodiversity (Wunderbug spheres), and the climate responsiveness of the system, through expansion and contraction of an acellular mass of creeping protoplasmic cells (Slime Mold). The team believes that nature-facts, intended as a new axiomatic relationship between artefact and nature, can contribute to the construction of new ecological paradigms for a positive development of the troposphere.


(L-R): Matias Glusberg, Eric Goldemberg, Francesco Lipari, Dzhumhur Gyokchepanar, Jorge Cereghetti

At the International Architecture Biennale of Buenos Aires, the team behind Borboletta was awarded the “Young Generation outside Argentina” prize. This March, the project is on display in Miami, and will also be exhibited in the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in August. The Venice Biennale is among the world’s most prestigious contemporary art exhibitions, and the Italian Pavilion, curated by the University’s Alessandro Melis, will focus on resilient communities.

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