Mobile Videography Short Course

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth is pleased to announce an upcoming short course on Mobile Videography at the end of April 2020.


This short course helps you unlock the potential of your mobile phone to create high quality video footage and is run by Tim Connell, Senior Technician for the CCI Loan Store.


Video production costs can be prohibitively high and filming projects can be difficult to instigate. Yet almost all of us carry around technology with the potential to shoot high quality footage. The average smartphone will shoot twice the quality footage than a purpose-built handicam of 2-3 years in age and with the right knowledge, your phone can produce content on par with most mid-range DSLR or Camcorder setups.

This course will outline how this can be achieved on a budget from formulating your ideas to shooting, editing and publishing a finished video.

The first session will cover some of the core principles of video production, along with an introduction to planning your shoot in advance. We will look at some accessories which can add to your production, however, you will explore these processes using your own phone, and will leave with a greater understanding of how to get the highest possible quality of video.

An optional second session can be booked delving into the world of mobile post-production. Here you will learn about free editing apps that are available for your device as well as some of the basic capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro and discover how to output your media for use across a variety of platforms.

More information and bookings on the University online store. Session one, “Production” is available be booked standalone for the price of £45, with the option of attending the subsequent “Post-production” session at the combined price of £85.

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