Illustration Senior Lecturer creates animation for No.6 Cinema

Dr Louis Netter, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth, recently created an animation for the independent No.6 Cinema which has been used to introduce their screenings.


The BA (Hons) Illustration Level 4 Coordinator was given an open brief so he let his creativity run free. His concept captures the textures of rowdy Portsmouth and has a King Kong-like monster use the Spinnaker tower as a stand-in for the Empire State Building in New York, incidentally Louis’ hometown. The short animation references some of Portsmouth’s most iconic landmarks and takes the viewers on a time-travelling trip. It starts off from the Battle of Trafalgar era and then swiftly flies the protagonist on a giant seagull’s wings back into the contemporary age.


Dr Louis Netter collaborated with fellow colleague Olly Gruner from the School of Art, Design & Performance, who lent his voice for the narration of the piece, very ably incorporated into the soundscape by CCI’s Harry Salter.


The Senior Lecturer and other academic staff from our University saw the short animation premiere on the largest screen on the UK’s south coast before a projection of the 80’s sci-fi film Robocop. No.6 Cinema is the city’s only independent cinema and is housed in the historic dockyard at Boathouse 6, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ.



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