Creating a brand for the Portsmouth Climate Action Board

Students from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth are invited to take part in a design competition to create a new brand for the Portsmouth Climate Action Board.

In response to the climate emergency, Portsmouth City Council (PCC) have set up the Board, who seek to facilitate a transformation of our city into one that is greener, healthier and carbon neutral.

This means less cars and many more trees, wildlife and bicycle lanes.  It also means excellent public transport, a thriving green tech sector, better insulated and warmer homes, and a circular zero-waste economy.

On the Board are major employers such as the University of Portsmouth, NHS, Gunwharf Quays, PFC, alongside community groups such as Hive, Shaping Portsmouth, and Friends of the Earth.

The Board have decided on the name – Portsmouth Climate Action Board – and now need a logo and supporting tagline (a text phrase), that succinctly communicates the objectives in an emotionally engaging and inspiring way.

They want someone who lives in Portsmouth to come up with the design, and the competition was announced in The Portsmouth News on 17 January 2020.

They are especially targeting the competition to local art and design courses, and people within our vibrant creative sector.

How to submit an entry

1. Supporting tagline

Here are some things to bear in mind.  The tagline could be:

  • Matter of fact, including words such as ‘Targeting Net Zero’
  • Or more metaphorical, using a phrase such as ‘sea change’

It should be:

  • Short
  • Express something about the scale and nature of the challenge
  • Emphasise a positive outcome

2. Logo

The logo should:

  • Have good tonal contrast to maximize legibility – has an excellent article on colour contrast and why it matters
  • Be capable of different arrangements so it can be applied to landscape, square, circular or vertical contexts
  • Be capable of reproducing satisfactorily in a single colour
  • Have a version that can remain legible in a small round social media icon such as for Instagram and Twitter

Deadline and process

PCC will make selections from ideas received by Monday, 10 February 2020.

Please submit your ideas to:

The winner’s design will be featured across the City on the Climate Board’s communications, posters and presentations.

The winner will also be given the opportunity to work with a professional design team to develop their entry.


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