BAFP Students shoot EPK on Channel 5 feature film

Awesome Media and Two Rivers Media started production in Scotland of ‘The Small Hand’ screen adaptation of the novel with the same name by Susan Hill. Two University of Portsmouth students from the BA (Hons) Film Production course had a great opportunity to shoot the making of the feature film that will be broadcasted by Channel 5.


Joe Stringer and James Reilly are BAFP students, currently on a Self-Employed Placement Year, who got the chance to go on set in Scotland after showing interest in a job posting shared by lecturer Jane Steventon, who was a producer on the film due to be broadcasted later this year on Channel 5. Thanks to her guidance, the students found it easy to accommodate to the big scale of the set. They were commissioned to shoot an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), highlighting the behind the scenes process and interviews of the cast and crew.


While Joe was in charge of the camera, James was the sound recordist, which he admitted wasn’t his strongest skill, but he appreciated the importance of gaining experience in various areas of filmmaking. He revealed that the drop-in workshops provided by the University enabled him to quickly learn the craft of audio recording. Joe felt confident with his camera skills gained throughout his second year of studies and also appreciated the value offered by the CCI Faculty Loan Store which gives students access to high-end equipment, including on this occasion.


This was definitely an important project for both students and Joe highly recommends chasing similar opportunities, as any experience on a professional film set is extremely valuable. He also added that having lecturers like Jane Steventon, an outstanding producer with a strong industry background, is a great advantage of the film course at the University of Portsmouth.

“Getting to work on a professional set and see the day to day operations was a great experience and one I am extremely grateful to Jane and the production for. Being able to create an EPK for the film presented a unique opportunity and insight into the filming process, and was great to spend the day with Barbara Machin (executive producer), Justin Molotnikov (director) and the rest of the crew.” – James Reilly