BA (Hons) Illustration Tutors take part in Inktober

This month, University of Portsmouth lecturers from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries set out to share a drawing every day to encourage BA (Hons) Illustration students to take part in the #inktober2019 challenge.


Inktober is a global drawing phenomenon played out on social media which was established in 2009. Each artist draws one illustration per day throughout the month of October and shares each picture on Instagram or Twitter daily. The aim is to challenge and improve drawing skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has grown in scope with thousands of artists taking part each year, including both students and commercial artists. There are few rules, it’s all about sharing a passion for drawing which could be digital or using an ink pen on paper.

This year sees the Illustration course staff and students joining in and many examples can be seen on the course Instagram @pompey_illustration. Check out some of the lecturers’ creations below.


Senior Lecturer Jac Batey (@bateyjac) uses Procreate to draw digitally a series of ‘broken things’ (most are drawn whilst commuting to and from work on the train). She said: “I’ve been taking reference photos of ‘out of order’ signs for years, on cashpoints, vending machines and lifts. Is this the future of the human race… waiting for the engineer?“

Lee Shearman (@leeshearman) is drawing a series of speculative sketches of machines using a Pentel brush pen and ink. Expanding on his digital illustrations originally created for The Engineerium Micro Library, his subject of choice is inking machinery, taking inspiration from the recent Mike Nelson exhibition at Tate Britain ‘The Asset Strippers’.

Matt Frame (@mrmrframe) is also sketching with ink on paper, completing a set of portraits of people whose work has inspired him over the years.