Become a Postgraduate Student Ambassador

Calling all Postgraduate Students from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries! The University of Portsmouth is currently recruiting student ambassadors to help support and promote postgraduate study opportunities and activities.


It is a known fact that numerous students take on part-time jobs around their studies, and most often they work unsociable hours for a low wage.  If you would prefer a workplace that you can better fit around your postgraduate studies and simultaneously offer support to interested students, make sure to apply for this opening before Sunday 6th October 2019.

If you are a Postgraduate Student at the University of Portsmouth and you are interested in a job to generate you a reliable income and would also like to support your educational institution at the same time, you should definitely consider this position.  The job description and application form can be found on


As an Ambassador you can raise awareness about the great opportunities the University of Portsmouth has to offer for postgraduate students by sharing your enthusiasm about your positive experiences of higher education. At the moment, the university has a team counting 70 ambassadors, from a wide range of backgrounds, and you can join them in delivering a range of events and promotional activities. If you are chosen for this role, you will receive appropriate training and guidance to ensure you are equipped to represent the University of Portsmouth.

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