Masters in Architecture visit to Hamburg

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares a film from MA Architecture at the University of Portsmouth, after their field trip to Hamburg earlier in the year.

Hamburg’s architecture and innovative planning, design, coastal resilience & sustainability initiatives, visited by STUDIO MUD (MArch 1) on their 3 day February 2019 field trip is highlighted in this short film. Hamburg is Europe’s 2nd largest port city (after Rotterdam), 3rd wealthiest EU region (after London and Luxemburg) and in 2011 became the European Green Capital in recognition of its environmental governance and ecologically orientated regeneration. An eminent local architect and a planner provided an expert presentation and a tour to supplement the extensive itinerary, allowing students to gain in-depth understanding of the built environment culture.

STUDIO MUD (Making Understanding and Doing) focuses upon designing sustainability and resilience in coastal and fluvial environments in response to global heating.