CCI Graduate student debut in Pinewood’s film festival

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares news of University of Portsmouth alumni success, Vivi Markatou makes debut at Pinewood’s film festival. 

Vivi Markatou, 26, greek, graduate of the MSc of Computer Animation (valedictorian of the Msc graduates the past July and winner of the University’s Christmas carol poster competition) participates with her debut film in Pinewood’s Lift off film festival with her short animated film – The White Wings.

The short film is made by her (animation) and the music by her colleague Penelope Bekiari, 24.  The film is titled “The White Wings” and lasts 5 minutes.

Vivi revealed “It is a symbolic piece and leaves the audience to its own interpretations. Following the difficult life of a small creature in a big world, from its dangerous past, to its hopeful yet mysterious future, it is a simplistic tale that allows us to make our own deeper inferences.”

“The film’s intention is to convey a message of optimism, during hard times, a message that is very much related also to the Greek reality. We hope to escape the quagmire of turmoil we find in our country and open our wings. If there is a way we can better ourselves, we are looking for it.”

“Evil things in our lives are like a sickness and its up to each of us to find our cures; to find our white wings to balance the dark!  Everything in life is based on counterparts” explains Penelope Bekiari, producer and co-director of THE WHITE WINGS, 2019.