Fashion and Textiles Senior Lecturer, Lara Torres, exhibits in Florence exhibition

Lara Torres, University of Portsmouth staff in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, will be showing her work this week in an installation curated by Linda Loppa during Pitti Uomo in Florence: a conversation with the Pitti Immagine concept bringing the city closer to the new premises of the Manifattura Tabacchi project.

Pitti Immagine is a collection of fashion industry events in Italy, including Pitti Uomo, one of the most important events in the Men’s Fashion calendar. It is one of the world’s biggest and most famous menswear trade shows.

Linda Loppathe Curator for the event, has more than 45 years’ fashion industry experience/private and public sectors; directing the fashion department Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, retail experience and store ownership, management at Flanders Fashion Institute, Director & Curator of the Fashion Museum Antwerp, Director of Polimoda International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing, Founder Linda Loppa Factory 2016, Honorary Doctor of University of the Arts, London, selected as a member of the Laboratoire d’Idées Grand Palais 2023 in Paris, and writer of the book Life is a Vortex. published by Skira, June 2019.

“In this walk we will avoid the clichés of fashion; no mannequins, no catwalk, no timeline, no storyboard; we walk. Seven designers/artists are offering to share their vision on fashion and not only, while walking through the untouched raw spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi. Manifattura Tabacchi is the driver to challenge our visions; we can do better, we must.”

Lara Torres, our Senior Lecturer for Fashion and Textiles, will be showcasing 2011 film project An Impossible Wardrobe for the invisible for the first time as it was initially conceived, with seven simultaneous films projections.


Lara Torres present’s the documentation of seven performances in a video installation showing the following titles: Woman in the water, Two man hug, Man sinking to the floor, The older man sitting, Young couple, Women crossing the water, Self-portrait. The action of effacing the clothes leaves a trace (the seams) translating a strong relation with memory and forgetfulness. The process of disappearance is here a design process in itself, leaving sometimes only a drawing on the performer’s bodies, the ‘skeleton’ of a particular garment. Water is also a ‘designer’ here; water will change shapes and produce the final result. The films are based on the creation of temporary clothes that are produced with the aim of being destroyed; leaving only the ‘memory’ of the pieces in film documentation relates to the ephemeral nature of fashion and is also a metaphor for the quickness of the fashion processes today.

The Exhibition opened MONDAY JUNE 10, and continues till, FRIDAY JUNE 14, FROM 21:30-00:00

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