CCI’s Graham Spencer shares his recent academic success

Dr Graham Spencer, from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth, has recently had an article published in Harvard’s Negotiation Journal as well as being a peer-reviewer for the British Academy themes applications.

Graham Spencer’s article ‘Motivation and Intervention in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: An Interview with President Bill Clinton’ has been published in Harvard’s prestigious Negotiation Journal.

Following on from his book The British and Peace in Northern Ireland (2015) a huge two-volume study Inside Accounts: The Irish Government and Peace in Northern Ireland is due for publication in November. A final study on governmental influence and the peace process Leverage: The United States and Peace in Northern Ireland has been commissioned by McGill-Queens University and is supported by a British Academy Small Grant. This book will contain extensive interviews with Senators, National Security Council leaders, representatives of Congress and key Irish-American figures who worked to support the peace process.

Graham is also peer reviewer for the British Academy for applications under the themes of European Identities and Tacking the UK’s International Challenges 2019.

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