Alessandro Melis was invited to several Architectural conferences in Italy

CCI‘s Alessandro Melis, from the School of Architecture at the University of Portsmouth, was invited to several important architectural conferences in Italy last month.

Alessandro was the keynote in Alghero, on May 16th at the National Conference of Medicine: “The humanisation of hospitals”. Allessandro was the only non-medical doctor invited.

On May 25th Alessandro was invited to Asti-Torino, where Fabio Musso, president of the Ordine Architetti Asti (the Italian version of RIBA, Asti section) awarded him the Prize of the Asti Festival of Architecture (dedicated to Arch. Fabrizio Gagliardi) “for the constant effort in the  research on architectural sustainability as a global mission: academic, professional and disseminative”.

And on May 27th, he went to Milano and lectured for the PhD school of the Politecnico di Milano: Supercities. About the research done through the Portsmouth School of Architecture Media Hub.

On May 30th Alessandro travelled to Venice where he was the keynote speaker at the conference of the Ordine degli Architetti Venezia in the series Foreign Office about international successful Italian architects. It was a “double lecture” which included his practice Heliopolis 21 and EcologicStudio (Bartlett UCL).

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