University Gamejam 2019

The University of PortsmouthFaculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are thrilled to invite you to take part in University Gamejam. This year the University Gamejam is running 17-21st June in Eldon Building.

Around 120 students, staff, alumni and industry visitors will be forming teams and trying to make the best computer games they can in a week, and trying to beat the competition in a number of award categories, including an award for engagement with diversity, inspired by the University’s commitment to Athena SWAN values.

We will once again be welcoming teams from Fareham College, and this year also from Chichester College. This expands our commitment to engaging with both potential students and keeping alumni involved to the point that many take time off work, just to return to us.

Throughout the week Game Over will be in Eldon (near the entrance), offering free retro gaming experience for all. Please make them welcome and use this as a team building experience or just come and have some fun. GameOver.Zone are also sponsoring the event.

This year, there will be guest talks after the event related to games. These are open for anyone to attend, for free, and can be found on Eventbrite. This includes talks from women in games, motion capture specialists and a writer who uses Twine to create interactive stories.

University Gamejam takes place over a week, with sensible working hours and mandatory lunch breaks, so as not to promote the unsustainable practice of “crunch”. This also allows jammers more time to develop or experiment in a way that is not normally possible.

On the last day of the competition, the games are judged by a panel of industry experts, plus special guests and members of the public. This provides a great networking opportunity for students and staff alike, and is very effective for students who want to get exposure to local employers. You are welcome to attend this playtesting event, which is expected to be running from 12 on Friday 21st June, Eldon 1st floor multimedia labs.

Expect Board games, Card games, Virtual reality, multiplayer madness and much more!

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