Neil Dansey completes 17 in 1 game project called ‘PICOZONE’

Dr Neil Dansey from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth has just finished a collaborative games development project to produce a game that incorporates 17 games in 1.

Neil was awarded a PhD following the submission of his thesis, “A Grounded Theory of Emergent Benefit in Pervasive Game Experiences”. The thesis examined ways in which players of games creatively interpret the more ambiguous rules in order to better satisfy their needs in the everyday world, such as socialising, learning and expressing individuality.

PICOZONE is a 17-games-in-one collaborative cart for Pico-8. There have been a couple of 16-in-1 jams done before but these tend to be presented as 16 standalone games with a menu screen to pick between them. Neil wanted to do something that was a homage to Lazy Jones on the C64, where you have 16 mini-games but also an overarching 17th game that ties them all together.

PICOZONE consists of 17 games, from 16 different developers in 10 countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Russia, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Sweden which all fits into 32k of memory.

Fly around space collecting crystals to open “anomalies”. Each one will send you to another dimension where a weird challenge will present itself. Do well and your ship will be refuelled accordingly! Try to get through all 16 anomalies before you run out of fuel.

All mini-games run using the arrow keys, plus Z and X on the keyboard, which correspond to the Pico-8’s O and X button prompts respectively.

Play PICOZONE here

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