CCI alumna Patti Gaal-Holmes exhibits in Art Space Portsmouth

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries is delighted to share the news that Patti Gaal-Holmes, University of Portsmouth alumna, is exhibiting her work part of the Heimweh exhibition at Art Space Portsmouth.

The exhibition is open: Sat 6th – Sun 14th April 11am – 4pm with an artist’s talk Sat 13th April 1pm. It’s a group exhibition of painting, photography, collage and film that explores the complex emotional resonance of Homesickness.

“Deserts possess a particular magic, since they have exhausted their own futures, and are thus free of time. Anything erected there, a city, a pyramid, a motel, stands outside time” ― J.G. Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition

“Place and time, a centre to concentrate a string of anomalies, contradictions, negatives. Somewhere and not somewhere, a place and a not place. A home and a not home.

Nine artists have been brought together around the theme of Heimweh; a word or a categorisation, simultaneously positive and negative and subjective. It is as much connected to the home and all its positive effects as it is to do with the pain of recalling it, it is as much to do with the home as it is not. The psychological is manifest in the word, it is within and without, it is the interior and it is the divide imposed by walls and boundaries. The walls are as much imposed as they are intended.

Heimweh is the German word for ‘homesickness’ and has been chosen to reference Freud’s writings on the ‘Unheimlich’, literally ‘unhomely’, which also translates as ‘the uncanny’. His writings are wandering, uncertain, and site E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Der Sandman in an attempt to clarify something which could not be simply explained, but which instead suggests something familiar which holds an unfamiliarity. This includes something to do with sight, perception and trickery and an inability to distinguish between what is real or imagined.”

Curated by Charlotte Brisland and Kate Street.


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