Call for student’s participation to ChatterBox tiled artwork

The School of Architecture in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries is looking for University of Portsmouth CCI students to bring their creative input into the design development and production of a public art installation, the ChatterBox Pavilion.

The students will be asked to contribute to the design and coordination of the production of a series of artwork that will be part of the installation. The art installation will be located at the end corner of Guildhall Walk, where the previous structure #IHeartPompey used to be.

The installation aims to provide an accessible and user-friendly structure that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes multiculturalism and integration. The installation will encourage an inclusive use of the public space through the creation of an interactive and playful place.

This art installation is currently being co-designed with the participation of the community group called Chat Over Chai. The project encourages and promotes learning of creative processes through designing and making and aims to foster the Chat Over Chai community integration in the city through their involvement in complex production activity in contact with many other urban actors.

The “ChatterBox” pavilion artwork will be produced through a series of workshops between April and June and the entire structure will be assembled between the 10th and the 14th of June 2019.

The installation is planned to remain in place for two years in an area with a great footfall. The installation consists of a set of timber frames in which are installed a series of spinning tiles that can be pushed by the users and reveal their two opposite faces. This opens up a very playful setting where users are stimulated on the topic of migration through images, artwork, illustrations, textual information and key relevant data.

The tiles will be approx 20×20 cm and will be waterproof. Please see attached graphic documentation for further details on the design of the structure. The students will be asked to contribute to the design and coordination of the production of the series of artwork tiles that will be part of the ChatterBox installation. There are a few key
topics agreed with Chat Over Chai members that can be developed and students are able to choose which one they want to contribute to or develop some new one in line with the aims and objectives of the pavilion.

If you want to get involved please attend the information meeting to be held on Monday 1st April 2019 at 2pm in the CCI Illustration studios.

For more information see the full design here, or contact or