Logo Design opportunity for Young People’s Voice

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries offers an opportunity for University of Portsmouth students to design a creative logo for a new project called ‘The Young Peoples Voice’.

We are looking for a design student to develop a logo for an exciting new project from online local news source Star and Crescent. The Young People’s Voice project is in its pilot year and is being supported by Victorious Festival, who work with local initiatives to support literacy in children.

Two CCI PhD students are delivering a series of lessons and editing workshops to encourage children in local schools and colleges to contribute writing on subjects that matter to them to a new section on Star and Crescent’s website. School and college students can write articles, creative pieces, poetry or use visual media to express their concerns with the world and explore issues that affect their lives, so we are looking for a modern logo that reflects both the age of the project’s participants (15-17 years) and the idea of their voices being heard.

The project needs a logo for use on written materials and on the new webpage when it goes live in the summer. As we are in our pilot year we cannot offer payment at the moment, but any work contributed by a CCI design student will be credited, and provide you with an exciting opportunity to work alongside Star and Crescent to promote Young People’s Voices in the local community.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Maddie Wallace: maddie.wallace@port.ac.uk

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