Film opportunity for Portsmouth City of Sanctuary Launch

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares an opportunity for University of Portsmouth filmmakers. Portsmouth City of Sanctuary is looking to make a film ready for the launch of  Portsmouth’s City of Sanctuary.

The University of Portsmouth is a key partner in the launch of Portsmouth as a City of Sanctuary.  Being a City of Sanctuary means offering places of safety for all and focuses on offering support for anyone who finds themselves fleeing violence and persecution.  In order to realise this vision, City of Sanctuary UK supports a network of groups, such as; villages, towns, cities and regions across the UK, and others engaged in Streams of Sanctuary, Sanctuary Awards and activities intended to welcome people seeking sanctuary.


A short 90 second film to celebrate the launch of Portsmouth City of Sanctuary featuring two talking heads, footage of a drop-in clinic and cutaway shots of iconic city landmarks. It will feature on social media, Portsmouth Big Screen in Guildhall Square and will be screened at the launch event on June 19th. 


  • University – site tbc, first talking head footage
  • British Red Cross Drop-In Clinic – All Saints Church, Commercial Road (Monday and Thursday mornings)
  • Fratton Park
  • Cutaway shots of iconic city landmarks – Spinnaker Tower, Historic Dockyard ships, Seafront/Pier


  • Interview with a key figure at the University talking about City of Sanctuary initiative, on-site at a University location.
  • Interview with a volunteer at the Refugee Drop-In who was once an asylum seeker talking briefly about feeling supported on arrival in Portsmouth.
  • Footage of British Red Cross Drop-In Clinic.
  • Montage of cutaway shots of iconic city landmarks.
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • The film will also require subtitles.

How to apply:

This opportunity would suit a film student, or group of students, looking for an exciting new ‘professional practice’ opportunity to make a short documentary film.  The awareness-raising film you produce will make a real difference to an organisation who are helping people fleeing violence and persecution.  The film maker/s will be invited to the City of Sanctuary launch event on 19th June at 12.30 at Portsmouth Guildhall.  Your film will be shared across multiple organisations on their social media and on the City of Sanctuary website.  You will also get the opportunity to meet a number of organisations involved in Portsmouth City of Sanctuary at the launch.

The final film will need to be completed, including cuts and edits, by 31st May. 

Point of Contact:

Eve Warlow
Number: 07922640300

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