Call for exhibits in the Harbour Church Good Friday Exhibition

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares an opportunity for University of Portsmouth students to exhibit their creativity in the Good Friday Exhibition at the Harbour ChurchFriday 19 April.

Read the Harbour Church press release below:

Here at Harbour, we value the creativity and diversity in our city and we want to provide platforms to engage and encourage the city’s creativity. On Friday 19th April we are bringing together local artists across a range of disciplines to respond to ideas around journeys and process as part of our Good Friday exhibition, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

For us, Fin. represents the moment on Good Friday when Jesus called out it is finished, signifying the end of his work on earth and the beginning of our connection with him. As a response, we would love for artists to explore ideas around a process or journey coming to an end, a new one beginning to emerge, and the moment in between these events. Themes for pieces can be around process, development, pause/stillness, endings and beginnings, connection, or contrast.

We welcome proposals from artists across a range of mediums, whether you love creating sculptures, paintings, printmaking, photographic series, animation, film, spoken word pieces, or any other formats, we would love to hear from you!

Artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public and a selection of works will be chosen to be displayed in Harbour Coffee for the preceding month. There also will be heavy social media coverage of the event and works displayed on Harbour Church’s website for the next month.

Visit for a copy of our artists brief and the proposal form. Or for any further questions please email

Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 15 March 2019.

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