DVMISSION 48 Hour Film-making Challenge

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares an opportunity for University of Portsmouth film-makers. The DVMISSION 48 Hour Film-making challenge invites students to share their creativity and skills with other film-makers for a chance to win a Portsmouth Oscar! Admission discounts are on offer for UoP students.

DVMISSION has been running for 14 years in Portsmouth and offers excellent networking opportunities along with an opportunity for students to test their skills while producing portfolio material. On the night of the awards ceremony they are around 300 of regions media creatives all in the same room together. A unique opportunity for those seeking a career in the industry.

CCI shares the DVMISSION press release below.


So how do you make a film without having to move to Los Angles? It is really as simple as (1) registering with DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge (2) getting some friends together with a camera and (3) then screening your film at DVMISSIONS glittering gala and awards ceremony.

Can it be any simpler?

Well not really and in the past people have made films for DVMISSION on their camera phones so equipment is not a barrier to entry. Nor is age or experience as all sorts of people take part from young aspiring filmmakers to OAP’s taking to opportunity to have a go at something new. There are prizes for all sorts of categories and we award the legendary Pompey Oscars for professional and non-professional productions.

So, what actually happens?

This the question that people who have never heard of a 48-hour film challenge are most likely to ask and again the answer is very simple. At 5pm on the Friday night of the challenge weekend we release three ‘obstructions’ in the form of a line of dialogue, a genre and a title. Your mission is to then make a two-minute film that creatively responds to these obstructions. Then on the Sunday night you upload your finished film to our website. Over the following week our judges watch all the films and on the Saturday of the next weekend we screen all the films and award the Pompey Oscars in thirteen different categories.

I have never heard of a 48-hour film challenge before, where did the idea come from?

Actually, this will be our thirteenth DVMISSION challenge as we have been running it in Portsmouth since 2006. We are officially the longest running 48-hour film challenge in the UK if not the world. The idea for a 48-hour film challenge originally came from DIY filmmaker, Johnnie Oddball. Frustrated with the difficulty of making short films, in he dreamed up the idea of a 48-hour challenge offering: “If you can turn up on Friday to pick a title and a theme out of a film can, and use them to make a film within 48 hours, you can return two weeks later to watch your film on the big screen”. In 2003 he then went on to create one of the biggest film-making events in British history with a national 48-hour film challenge in which over 1 0,000 people participated, producing 488 short films. Since then the idea has taken root and is now a regular feature in the dairy of filmmakers all over the world.

So, don’t sit on your hands, get on over to our website and register your team.

The CHALLENGE WEEKEND takes place from 5pm Friday 1st March to 5pm Sunday 3rd March.

SIGN UP AT: https://filmfreeway.com/DVMISSION19

The DVMISSION PRESENTS premier night, awards ceremony and immersive cinema experience, from 7.30pm Saturday 9th March at The Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road, Portsmouth, PO4 0JW.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us.

Roy Hanney

MISSION DIRECTOR, operations@dvmission.co.uk, 07894 899 044

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