CRUNCH are invited to be part of the Urban Transformations Network

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares news that CRUNCH, a University of Portsmouth research project, has been invited to be part of the Urban Transformations Network.

CRUNCH (Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices) is a research project designed to help cities to solve the increasing challenges of food, water and energy management.

It aims to demonstrate how the Food-Water-Energy Nexus can strengthen urban resilience and resource efficiency in its participating cities.

The Urban Transformation Network is an ESRC funded network based at the University of Oxford that showcases research on cities. CRUNCH was handpicked as one of 80 featured projects worldwide that engage with the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly urban world based on their cross-disciplinary scope, broad international collaboration and future-orientated research approach.

Being part of Urban Transformations will allow them to use the network as a further platform for sharing knowledge and disseminating their findings, and consequently help them to reach a wider audience. Engaging with other projects working in similar areas will enable them to learn from others, helping to strengthen their research and will hopefully lead to positive collaborations in future.

For more information about CRUNCH contact the Project Coordinator, at the University of Portsmouth.

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