UoP students start crowd funding for film ‘Before Nightfall’

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares a student crowdfunding project for the film, Before Nightfall. BA (Hons) Film Production students from the University of Portsmouth are hoping to raise £3000 for their short horror.

‘Before Nightfall’ is a film set in ‘Godwick’, a 17th century village tormented by a horrific monster.  No one can be trusted and the creature could be anyone…

When her best friend Thomas is taken by the beast, young Grace Grimston must stray into the forest to find the truth of his disappearance.  The film deals with themes of abandonment and increased isolation.

However, her village is tormented by a mysterious shape shifting creature who comes at night to devour the townsfolk.  A curfew has been put in place to make sure the villagers are not the monster in disguise – if you fail to get back before sundown, no one will open their doors to you.

On top of this, Grace’s parents are becoming increasingly worried about Grace going off alone into the forest with her trusty dog.  Can Grace find Thomas and make it back before the curfew and can anyone be trusted in the village of Godwick?

”We are a passionate group of filmmakers who really want to see the story of Godwick brought to life however, recreating the past is a difficult task and that’s where you come in.  We have secured a whole 17th century village in Gosport, England to stand in for Godwick and already have the equipment and technical prowess to pull off a project of this scale but need a little extra help.”

About the crew:

The crew are made up of; placement students, a Chinese exchange student and three students who have their own production company. The crews’ roles are as follows; Daniel Bushen (Director), Louis Lewendon (Writer), Dominic Cox (Producer/Editor), Lhasa Peng (Sound), Kirsty Hampton (Design) and Holly Potter (Colourist).


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