Fashion and Textiles Student wins Batsford Prize

The University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries is pleased to share the success of BA Fashion and Textile Design student, Rose Dutton.

Rose Dutton won the Batsford Prize for the fashion category under the theme ‘craving colour’

The batsford Prize 2018 is for students, with a prize pot worth £7,000 and a new international category. The theme of the Batsford Prize 2018 was ‘Craving Colour’, entries  were asked to show innovative and well-crafted interpretations of colour in terms of subject of materials used, or a combination of the two.

Rose Dutton’s awarded collection Slot, Swoosh, Squish is a playful sustainable fashion collection. Long gone are the earthy neutral tones associated with fashion, which take an ecological standpoint.

These innovative fashion pieces use vibrant colours, each of these brightly coloured laser cut panels interlocks and slots into each other to form the garment shape and to develop fit. This collection was inspired by children’s building blocks and educational toys.

None of the garments are stitched together and they are completely modular to create pieces solely dependent on the wearer! This creating the essence of a jigsaw piece and puzzled together collection that is Lego-like; The wearer is invited to engage in the playfulness as they can create, adapt and reform their items of clothing.

Doing this creates a patchwork of colour that can be changed and renewed at any point, growing with the wearer; panels swapped with friends, or new panels customised. Textiles can also be updated and changed as the wearer pleases, and removing tassels and woven knits as time goes on – questioning the need for fast-fashion and increasing garment longevity.

There are five categories: Applied Art, Fine Art, Fashion, Illustration, and Children’s Illustration, each category had applicants from across the UK.

Batsford awarded a £500 cash prize to the winner of each category. Art supplier Cass Art are supporting the award for the third year running, presenting The Cass Art Award, and a further £500 cash prize for the overall winner across the categories. Winners across the domestic and international categories will also receive Batsford books, £50 worth of books for themselves, and £500 worth of books for their college.

Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke is a Media Studies Student, currently on her Placement Year, working as Promotions Assistant for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth.

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