CCI Success in Students’ Union Awards

Three members of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries have won in the University of Portsmouth, Students’ Union Awards for 2017.

Art and Design reader, Dr Marius Kwint, won the award for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. The students who nominated Marius said

“Marius was primarily chosen due to the Visual Cultures field trip that he arranged. He was praised for his ability to blend creative studies with academic units in an engaging way. His teaching encouraged students to develop their analytical skills whilst questioning their own views and strengthened the student:staff relationship to ensure a community of learning”

In addition to Marius being awarded with such an honour, two CCI students came first and second in the Course Rep of the Month Award!

Runner up was 2nd year Film Industries student, Coline Lejeune, who was chosen due to the range of support she has given students, from improving the quality of buildings, to arranging film screenings, that helped to build a sense of community in her department, as well as successfully addressing deadline bunching on her course!

The winner of the Course Rep of the Month Award was 3rd year Fashion & Textile Design student, Faye Clarke, who was selected because of the way in which she used her expertise to support other students. Faye took on a mentoring role, to ensure new students and Course Reps are supported, and confident in their new role, as well as offering her time to college students to support them through workshops. She has also built up a strong relationship with staff and students to ensure all issues are addressed and positives are shared.

This is fantastic news for the Creative and Cultural Industries Faculty, congratulations to Marius, Coline, and Faye. You can find out more about the Student Union Awards here.

Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke is a Media Studies Student, currently on her Placement Year, working as Promotions Assistant for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth.

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