5.8 million euro Franco-British project to help tackle digital skills shortage

Professor Joan Farrer, Associate Dean (Enterprise & Innovation) within the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, is delighted to announce that the PONToon (Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN) project has been approved by the Interreg 5A Channel Programme (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund).

The University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries is lead partner. This three and a half year project, which began 7th June 2017, has a total budget of €5.8 million and 11 UK and French partners. Approximately €1.5 million total budget to UoP, 69% grant funded, 31% partner contribution.

“In this current programming period and since Britain’s decision to depart from the European Union, only a few projects have been approved under the Interreg VA channel programme. We are proud to be one of the few recipients of such an important award which will have significant impact in France and the UK.” – Professor Joan Farrer

PONToon will employ digital technologies and creative practices in order to provide equal access to training and employment services and respond to the digital skills shortage that exist across all sectors. The project is focused on female social exclusion, targeting those furthest from the labour market. PONToon seeks to create a community of learners, knowledge creation and applied research for social good.

Many colleagues from other faculties will join the project to form a transdisciplinary, cross-university team, which is a significant success for the University and the South Coast/Northern France regions.

For further information, please contact:

Principle Investigator, Professor Joan Farrer – joan.farrer@port.ac.uk

Research Fellow, Dr Bernie C. Byrnes – bernie@newtheatreroyal.com

PhD Candidate, Carolyn Watt – carolyn.watt@port.ac.uk

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