CCI welcomes Erasmus students

On Friday 2nd June, the University of Portsmouth welcomed 21 students from Escola Profissional Val do Rio, Portugal​, to the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries as part of their Erasmus+​ mobility programme.

The students are studying 3 year vocational qualifications, which will equip them with the skills to work within the creative industries, in the areas of video, multimedia, graphic production, and 3D digital drawing.

The students have been undergoing short-term professional placements within the city as part of the Erasmus+ Training Mobility scheme. Students were placed with local creative businesses such as the Groundlings Theatre.

They had the opportunity to learn about the courses and facilities at the University of Portsmouth​ and as part of their visit to the Faculty they took part in an interactive filming and compositing workshop run by our Creative Skills Tutors.

The Creative Skills tutors offer workshops and one-to-one tutorials in many areas, from software and hardware skills through to video production techniques and drawing classes. All students in the Faculty who would like extra help or want to learn additional skills, or even a new skill from outside your degree studies, can sign up for free to any of the Creative Skills workshops or activities.

Rebecca Bellinger, who ran the workshop, said: “The students showed a clear interest and understanding in Green Screen and Compositing with Adobe After Effects. The Creative outcomes from some of the students where absolutely fantastic and they all had a great sense of humour; which shines through in the experimental and imaginative videos they produced.

“Joanna, our Video Editing Placement Student who assisted me in this workshop as our Green Screen Actress, ended up fighting dinosaurs, dancing with Spiderman and doing all kinds of crazy things, as we gave the students free reign to composite Joanna into all kinds of scenes.

“Allowing students creative freedom always reaps better results when it comes to learning a complex Software like After Effects, and in this instance it really worked.”

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