Innovolvement Fashion Hack Revolution

As part of Fashion Revolution Week at the University of Portsmouth, Innovolvement hosted FashionHack on Monday 24th April and Wednesday 26th April, encouraging people to re-purpose old clothes while incorporating an element of technology.

Charlie Iceton, leader of this year’s Innovolvement team, opened the PreHack with a short overview of what the group is and previous events this year. This was followed by Tom Clulee, Principal Lecturer and Course Leader for Fashion and Textiles, who presented work created at last year’s FashionHack and discussed the importance of technology being used in conjunction with fashion.

The final HackDay saw the editing of various garments, repurposed with an added technological element, including a a jacket which heated up when attached to a battery. This involved adding thermal wiring, covered by protective tape, to the inner seam of the jacket – but provoked many more collaborative opportunities.

Future collaborations and potential problem solvers were discussed, such as alarmed clothing or accessories for those in need, and hats or shoulders pads with speakers.

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Innovolvement is an innovation group tailored especially for students, who promote new opportunities and encourage collaboration across courses in a fun and supportive environment.

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