CCI welcomes international representatives

On the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd May, representatives from over 30 agents from all over the world came to visit the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries to see what it is that makes our student’s learning experience so special at the University of Portsmouth

As part of the visit, half of the group participated in a demonstration in our Motion Capture studio, where they learned about the technology, our close relationship with industry clients, the involvement of our students in running the studio and the range of projects that are undertaken there giving students direct industry experience as part of their course. Agents were able to meet in a virtual world, directing and acting, using a range of Virtual Reality and Motion Capture software and hardware.

This visit took place as part of the bi-annual International Agent’s Conference, which offers all our agents the opportunity to come to Portsmouth, to see and experience our campus and facilities, to meet key members of staff and to show off the city and what it has to offer students.

“We were really impressed by the opportunities students have to engage with industry as part of their course,” said a member of UniLink, Czech Republic, about the visit.

The experience gives agents the confidence to promote our courses and counsel students in their applications. They can be sure what it is that makes us distinctive and match this to the needs of their applicants.

Bryony Whitmarsh, CCI International Co-ordinator, says: “The opportunity to welcome our agent colleagues to the Faculty to meet students, staff and to see and experience our facilities is always a real pleasure. Our agents are our ambassadors, and it is great to be able to offer them creative experiences that they will remember and share. Some of our most cutting edge work is taking place using Virtual Reality and Motion Capture technology and we were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase it.”


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