CALL FOR PROPOSALS – REFUGEE WEEK 2017 – Abstract Laws / Intimate Lives

As part of Refugee Week (19-25 June) the British Red CrossJourneys Festival International and CRaB at the University of Portsmouth are collaborating to host an event on Tuesday 20th June, and are inviting staff, students and city practitioners to create new representations of the five immigration laws, at a more intimate and accessible level.

Through high-quality art we want you to explore these laws and bureaucratic processes, and the effects they have on the lives on asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Britain. The concept behind your proposal is to bring to life one or more of the five different laws, rules or procedures (included below) by capturing how they are lived in the everyday world by real people, specifically contrasting this reality with the often technical and confusing language of the laws and rules themselves.  Expenses up to £60 will be allocated for each successful submission.

Britain’s immigration system consists of an enormous number of laws and rules. When fully compiled they run to thousands of pages. The Home Office operational guidance for their staff and the forms that need to be completed by applicants, which are essential to the processing of the law, add several hundred pages of further crucial documentation. Navigating the system successfully is exceptionally difficult, particularly for those unable to afford legal representation. The abstract laws, rules and procedures which may seem fair or mundane on paper can have a devastating impact on real lives.

JFI welcome interpretations across all art forms – theatre, performance, multi-media, visual arts and more – to creatively explore and portray these laws and the effects they have on real people’s lives.

Your Proposal

Read through the five laws listed in the pdf below and select one to interpret, then produce an A4 proposal (max. 500 words) detailing how you would like to interpret this law.

Please include:

  • Which law you have chosen to interpret
  • Chosen art form and creative approach
  • The response you aim to elicit from your audience
  • Any technical requirements eg. Use of laptop / projector /audio
  • Any images or links to media to support your proposal
  • A brief biography of your experience as an artist/academic

Please submit your proposal by Tuesday, 30th May 2017, 5pm via email to Charlotte Mountford

For more information, see: Abstract Laws Intimate Lives_ Call Out FINAL

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Charlotte Mountford: or call 0116 261 6882.

Key Dates

Deadline for proposals:   Tuesday 30th May 2017, 5pm

Selected artists meet with CRaB and JFI Team:  TBC (beginning June)

Presentation/Exhibition Date: Tuesday 20th June 2017, 2-4pm at Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth



Does my piece have to be finished?

We do not expect these to be finished, final pieces of work that are presented on Tuesday 20th June but it should be a high-quality work-in-progress, first sharing or a relevant piece of existing work.

Does my proposal have to be new?

No. If you have an existing piece of work that you feel is relevant to one of the laws we are asking you to interpret we would welcome a proposal.

Is this a paid opportunity?

Due to the nature of this project and the partners leading it, we are only able to offer expenses up to £60 for each successful submission.

How many proposals will you select?

We will aim to select five – one for each law listed below.

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