Innovolvement: Team Go #tackletheproblem Event in Eldon

On Thursday 23rd March the Eldon building hosted Innovolvement’s Team Go Event, exploring the role of sports in mental health and wellbeing.

Innovolvement is a student led initiative under the Enterprise & Innovation department of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth, which engages students and staff in innovative research projects. The session included a talk from guest speaker Dr Paul Gorczynski, followed by question and answer sessions which explored the advantages, barriers and techniques of getting students involved in sports.

Led by Jaelithe Swan, CCI’s Promotions Assistant and Creative and Media Writing undergraduate at University of Portsmouth, the event attracted students across all departments.

The evening involved intimate roundtable discussions, where participants explored ways to encourage individual involvement in sports and the benefits of activity. Discussions examined the barriers stopping students from taking part in sports currently, and allowed attendees the chance to offer solutions to combat these issues.

Points raised included:

  • Greater student discounts for people who don’t belong to any sports teams
  • Lecturers getting involved in sports and then encouraging students to participate
  • Joining a sports team could help students integrate better into their surroundings
  • The social aspect of team sports at University of Portsmouth and the associated drink culture

Dr Paul Gorczynski, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Sports and Exercise Science at University of Portsmouth, spoke about the benefits of people joining sport teams and ways to encourage students who don’t belong to any sports team to join one. He referenced the social aspect of engaging in sports and its role in helping with mental health. Many people, he stated, find doing sports alone can help reduce stress and provide a sense of wellbeing. He also answered questions and exchanged ideas with members of the audience.

On behalf of the E&I Team, we would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came along to this session. If you would like you to keep up to date with future Innovolvement sessions, make sure to join our Facebook group here!

The next Innovolvement sessions take place on the 24th and 26th of April and will explore technological fashion –  find more details on FashionHack Revolution here.


Original Article by Efekorame Joseph

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