Article by Dr Laurel Forster is used by the Norwegian Civil Protection Agency

An article by Dr Laurel Forster, of the School of Media and Performing Arts at the University of Portsmouth, on Science Fiction film and food cultures is currently  being used by agronomists at the Norwegian Civil Protection Agency in their planning and projections for future trends and challenges  in food security.

“I was pleased to be contacted by the Norwegian Civil Protection Agency,” says Laurel. “Their work focusses upon future challenges to their population, and as part of this they are assessing food security in Norway, considering such trends as climate change, population growth, changing diets, as well as catastrophic or apocalyptic events. They use science fiction texts as templates for predicting potential future settings. In particular, they are clear about the crucial role of critical analysis in reflecting upon the meaning of those alternative futures.

“My article concentrates on the impact of food cultures as represented in a range of SF films and discusses new formations of power, gender and society. It takes into account feminism, philosophy and food history and explores the trust we place in the food we eat.”

The Norwegian Civil Protention Agency described the article as ‘an inspiration’ for their work on ‘future scenarios’.


The original article is:

Forster, L. (2004). Futuristic Foodways: the metaphorical meaning of food in science fiction film. In A. Bower (Ed.), Reel food: Essays on food and film (pp. 251-265). London: Routledge.


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