Dr Laura MacDonald gives talk at London Seminar

Dr Laura MacDonald, Senior Lecturer in Musical Theatre in the School of Media and Performing Arts at the University of Portsmouth, gave a talk this month in London at the Institute of Historical Research as a part of the Popular Culture, Sport and Leisure History Seminar.

Laura’s talk, entitled Changing the Musical’s Major: Feminist Bio-musicals Celebrate Carole King and Alison Bechdel on Broadway and Beyond, explored the role of music feminism.

“Not only have these feminist icons inspired feminist musicals, thereby expanding women’s presence in musical theatre story-telling,” writes Laura. “But this emerging feminist bio-musical genre is also using musical theatre to expand feminist historiography.”

Laura says: “Giving a paper at the Institute of Historical Research was an extremely useful opportunity to test out my new research on musical theatre and feminist historiography, before developing an article for publication. I’ve come away with specific feedback and advice that will help me deepen and refine my discussion of Carole King and Alison Bechdel, and I look forward to making further progress soon.”


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