Tom Garner on The Conversation: 2017’s Technological Trends

Tom Garner, Research Fellow in the School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth, has had an article published on The Conversation discussing the technological possibilities of the coming year.

With mentions of the Internet of Things and Cloud Robotics, as well as hardware developments such as depth-sensing camera lenses, Tom explores the potential of connected technology.

“If you want to make predictions for the future,” writes Tom. “You need to find the trajectory of events in the past. So to work out what shape digital technology will likely take next year, we should look back to the major developments of 2016.”

He discusses the technological milestones of 2016 and explores possibilities for both virtual and augmented reality and their potential to move away from entertainment to social applications.

“Although I’ve written books and published a fair few articles,” says Tom, “This is the first popular article I’ve ever written and I’m hugely pleased with the response it has received.”

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